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Originally Posted by Kalin View Post
Found a link at (just paste 'прогреcс главспортпром теннис' in the Search box)

The seller says it is 'made in the USSR under Kneissl Austria license'

Edit: seems they also made the 'Giant' (Гигант)!

Is this an Estusa/Puma shape??
There were three types of racquets produced in former Soviet Union under Kneissl license: Master (White Star Pro), Progress (Blue Star Mid) and Gigant
(Red Star Big). First they looked like real Kneissl with its original brand name written on, later the quality got down and the racquets got russian names. They were very popular back then because you couldn't afford good quality tennis racquet in the USSR (except somebody brought it from abroad).
I have some of these racquets, will share the pictures next week.
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