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I honestly don't know if Gimeno would have won 12 majors in the amateurs but I do know that he won the French in the Open Era. I'm not trying to diminish Emerson but I do believe that Gimeno was an excellent player who would have won imo multiple majors in the amateurs. Tennis history clearly would have been different if there was no pro/amateur divide.

The major Emerson won with Laver was before Laver was at his best. I wouldn't count that because Rosewall, Gonzalez, Hoad, Gimeno and maybe a couple of others may have been superior to Laver at that point in 1961.
Ok, so we all can agree here that Laver didn`t win 200 titles, 19 majors and the 1962 Grand Slam has no merit at all. Thing is you can`t downgrade Emerson`s numbers without donwgrading Laver in the process. By the way, i give both full credit for their achievements in the amateur tour. Of course they don`t hold the same importance as pro wins and are far behind open era standards, but they have their value nonetheless
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