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Singles and doubles should not be seperate rankings. Even though in theory it would make sense, but from a practical standpoint it would be a logistical nightmare. You know how hard it would be to have team that was filled with players that have different ratings for singles and dubs?
Agree here, although it might be interesting to have a player with just the one rating but know what their component ratings are at singles vs doubles. From a captaining and match-up standpoint, this could be great information.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
I would like to see a larger emphasis on matches played at sectionals and Nationals. There should be a much lower threshold to bump these players then what there is currently.
This is already done, although I don't know specifics, through the benchmark calculations. Matches played against benchmark players do count for more, and all players at sectionals and nationals are benchmark by definition. If anyone has more information on this part of the year-end calculation, would love to hear it.
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