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Stop getting all upset just because I speak the truth. The baseline, long rallies is all part of the conditions that players must follow. Unlike in the old days when conditions allow you to shorten the point. That's another reason why tennis today is more gruesome. The extensive playing on hc, with demands to run faster and more distance, more exertion in every strokes.

Unfortunately, we can't control the weather. The players today get cramp, pull a muscle(hamstring), back problem, knees, ankle, etc. Had there isn't any trainer/MTO during the match, there would be many incidents of players retire early.

Also, notice they had to build the roof on Laver's Arena just to protect the players. Which reminds in 2009 AO when Nole's was about to collapse after the suffering from heat exhaustion. He was leading and in control of the match against Roddick, however the heat got the best of him and Roddick managed to take over and win in the end. The next day Serena also was effected by the heat, and was losing the match. But the difference was the officials decided to close the roof to protect the player's health, and Serena regain her strength and managed to win in the end.

I agree there were heat wave during the old days, but it doesn't have the significant effect on the players as it has for the modern players.
Please explain that statement. Is heat and humidity different today as opposed to the past?
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