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Default Cheaper tennis clothing.

I am fascinated by the threads here that tell of huge collections of the latest gear being worn by the big guys because I collect stuff too....but not tennis clothes. I'm po', and could never afford all that stuff. But still I'm fascinated by the pics''s sort of like window shopping.

If you are a cheap duds hound, check in here. I buy the sweat wicking type shirts from Meijers in solid colors for $10 and I love a red one, a grey one, a blue one, and a white Champion shirt from Target for $13. Love them. I've got three pairs of shorts for tennis....a couple of Adidas that were pretty cheap at Khols and an Under Armour pair I got for Christmas. Asics Gel Game 4 on the wheels and I'm pretty well, but affordably, outfitted to take the court.

Anyone else go for the cheap stuff? Personally, I love it the solid colors. And the price.

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