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I think it depends on the person, it is unacceptable to ask a seller to ship before paying. Backing out of a deal is fine at least to me, but you just need to let a person know. Like I have had instances come up where we have agreed on a price and I was about to pay, but situations come up where I am unable to pay, so I either have to put the deal on hold and have them sell to another person, or cancel the whole thing. Usually sellers are understanding. And vice-versa.

And OP, I think you know better than to ship before getting paid, unless it is a very reputable person on here, like me or a handful of others (half-joking and being real). You really need to do research on a person before selling.

I guess on another note, I hope these types of threads started, don't start a "backing out of deal" bad reference frenzy.
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