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Originally Posted by BoingTennis View Post
Very interesting idea! I'm having the same battery life problem with normal SLA battery. My 2year old Lobster only last max 2hrs now.

With good SLA at around 40-50 bucks, I'd be willing to try this lithium batt if it at least doubles the lifetime of the old SLA. I'm not looking for a batt that would last for more than 4hours each session, but more concerned about capacity maintenance over the lifetime of the battery.

Do we need to swab the batt charger as well? My Lobster premium charger is made by Soneil. I believe it has pulse mode charging to remove sulphation which the lithium iron batt is not compatible with.
I have also myself a lobster , I have the original 1amp fast charger , but I ended up buying the 3 amp premiun charger , because the 1 amp fast charger would take for ever . When the original 18 AH battery was fully discharged with the fast charger it would take 22hr 30' to recharge , so if I had to go back to back days to the park at the same time , I had to take it not completely recharged .

Premium charger solved this problem . Specially since I had already bought the Panasonic 22 AH and since it has more capacity it would take 30 hrs to be fully recharged . With the premium charger less than 4 hrs .

I live currently in Holland , and things here are more expensive than in the States . I can buy an 18 AH SLA for $60 , but the max time it can give me is around 4 hrs , and I do play 4 hrs , but that means full discharge , if with a SLA you go full discharge after full discharge , immediately your playing time dwindles a lot , then is buying time again .

I am not sure , but what I gather after reading some specifications is that Lithium batt with the same capacity than a lead acid , runs at least twice as long , so if for instance , a lead batt can give me 5 hrs playing time , from a lithium I can get 10 hrs .
I am not sure about this , that is why I would like to hear from someone who had had a Lithium batt .

Not that I am planning to play 10 hrs , but if they have the capacity to give you 10 hrs , and you play 4 , the depth of discharge is 40% and with such a low discharge , you can get 3,000 cycles .

You know what 3,000 cycles are ??? is playing everyday 4 hrs for the next 8 years . Then paying twice or thrice as much it would still be a bargain .
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