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[QUOTE=Phoenix1983;7153565]Do you really think Gimeno would have won 12 slams, including at least 2 at all 4 venues, if he had stayed amateur? He was hardly a champion in the pros - lost five finals against Laver and Rosewall. At least Emerson had already won an AO with Laver in the field ('61).

I know Emerson was an amateur but I dislike some posters' attempts to basically diminish his career achievements to zero.[/QUOTE.

Phoenix, Nobody tries to diminish Emerson's career achievements to zero. We just want to put his feats into a real perspective. 12 amateur majors are good or even very good but it's the question if Emmo would have won a single major in an open field.

Yes, I'm convinced that Gimeno as an amateur would have equalled Emmo's number or even passed it. Remember that Emerson was dominant only for two years but yet achieved 12 majors because the competition was rather weak.
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