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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
A friend of mine had a Tennis Tudor with a lead acid battery. He replaced the battery with two white plastic battery holder tubes that had 3 or 4 rechargeable D cells in each tube. I assume that they were Lithium batteries. They were very reasonable in cost.

I burrowed the machine. Although I did not do long hitting secessions I found the performance to be very satisfactory for running the machine. They are much lighter than a lead acid battery. I guess that you could analyze running time using amp-hours.

The machine manufacturers should research using them instead of lead acid.

I posted the details in this forum I believe but did not find searching so far.
Thanks for the input .

What I would like is to hear from someone who bought a brand new tennis machine , because they all come with lead acid or gel at the most , and then decided to switch to lithium .

I would like to hear from someone like this , because that person would know exactly the parameters of both batts , and that can really help .
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