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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
Please do report back as I am wondering the same thing.

The higher tensions, I would think, would case the strings to snap back into the "normal" position more easily vs. a lower tension.

But, might the higher tensions even further accelerate the string wear (notching) that this racquet already exhibits? Once the strings notch badly, this racquet does not play anywhere near the same for me. The drastic spin production drops off (which is the whole point of this frame).
Cannot AGREE more with you here. I am expreiencing MORE than normal tension loss with polys that I know not to lose tension that quickly. Then string movement starts and spin and control SUFFER significantly. So far this is my only issue with this new racquet. I may have to go tighter, it does recomend 54-64 and I have not gone past 57. Ill let you know when I can test the low tensions but NOT SURE its gonna be the same with this open patter but I could be TOTALLY wrong as I was before tring low tensions....
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