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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Today's tour is pretty much one surface, all or nothing, homogeneous
environment. We pretty much always have at least 3 out of 4 top seeds at
semi final of all slams.

Today, #1 dominates the entire tour, all power baseline game. Either you #1 for
all year or your are #2. Other smaller factors are 1. 32 are seeded. 2. there
is no bonus point if lower ranker beats higher ranked players and so on.

All these promotes very few top players dominate the tour all year long
so that fans see familiar players on TV on weekends.

IMHO, the tennis of 70's - 90's were unique period in tennis history. We had
true varieties of players and conditions that brought out all aspect of tennis
in the way tennis meant to be played.

It was almost like three or four different sport in one sport and so many different players with their unique style and flare.

Today you watch basically the very same product (with very little variations) all the time.

It is now like a totally different thing altogether, a boring repetitive thing once and again.

And when Federer retires, I guess I'll only watch past eras DVD matches....
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