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I've been enjoying mine since early Dec. I did have TW match the online specs on both so they are identical. I used the original years ago and tried this stick on a whim while waiting for the Steam 99S not really expecting much. Glad I did, having spent time with both now I prefer the APD 2013.

Since I've hit the past models a good bit here are my thoughts to compare:

I found the GT to be a bit more jarring and less plush then the AC non GT version which really turned me off of that model. I had this disconnect with the GT version which was my least favorite. The new one seems to take the good things about the GT and combine it with the AC but eliminate the AC's hollow feel.

The 2013 is very solid with some decent feel. Let's face it Bab's in general are not the best for feel imo. Comfort on it has been wonderful as my shoulder has had many issues in the past so trust me I would know. No arm issues at all. I feel it has more control and oddly more power at least serving. I would actually compare it to the PD as far as serve power which was not the case with the GT or AC model. Spin is excellent as always and control improved. Yes it's on the stiff side but again that is the case with most Babs. I even find the PSGT to be somewhat stiff despite the flex rating. Not a painful stiff but you can certainly feel it's not flexing very much.

I use RPM Blast 16 full bed around 57 and may go a bit higher as it get's warmer for control reasons. Think I'll also try some 18g to see how it feels in the future. I'm a 4.5 all court player mostly doubles but can hold my own in singles as needed. This is just a fun stick to play with and well worth a demo at the least. As always your mileage may vary from mine
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