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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
There is no "magic dust" that goes with a D1 program. I have seen some of the D1 teams you mentioned play: BU, UConn, 'Nova.
There are D3 teams that are as good and better. Your son is not going to be a pro player. Why go to a D1 program where he will be training and practicing up to 20 hours a week year round? It gets in the way of academics. At D3 the practices are less hours per week, and the season is shorter. Missing an occasional practice is OK. Many kids have an obsession with D1 and I do not understand it.
Whether the "obsession" is justifiable is a valid issue. But I can think of a number of reasons why some kids have it:

1. Kids have been brought up in a competitive tennis environment and the competitive spirit motivates them to compete at the highest level they can. (Yes, I know there are exceptions but most of the time that is D1)

2. Youthful love of a challenge

3. Money, especially for women.

4. Sense of accomplishment
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