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Originally Posted by kumar157 View Post
I think we are in agreement as far as the goal is concerned (be a good student athlete at a low d1).
He wants to go back to playing 15 hours a week and I am not OK with that(fearing his grades may fall). He thinks he has a good GPA and I want him either to maintain it or improve it further.
If the goal is low D1, you have little to worry about. It is ok to chill.

He has been taking all AP courses since freshman year and getting A's and B's. That means he will be able to graduate as a junior. I do not know of any high schools that offer courses more advanced than AP, and I am not aware of any AP courses that have more than a two-year progression in high school. So by end of sophomore year he will have exhausted his high school curriculum.

Don't know how he will do on SAT/ACT, but his transcript has to be in the top .01% of the country! He should skate into UCONN or St Louis
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