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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
The string will always want to go where there is least resistance. When you string mains or do a 50/50 Cross, you never have to use a boomerang, because the string will naturally follow the path of least resistance, in this case friction.

Ideally we would like to pull directly straight out of each grommet path, but that rarely happens, because the paths of the string are not always directly inline with the tension head gripper path.
Actually the string when it is tensioned will take the shortest path (outside the frame) between the turntable pivot point and the tensioner (the gripper.) the only exception to that will the the bend through the grommets in the frame.

If the ideal condition is to pull straight out the grommet why don't stringing machine manufacturers make stringers so the tension moves around the racket instead of the racket turning in relation to the pulling force?
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