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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post
At this point, I really see it as a 50/50 proposition. Murray's game has matured, and while Roger's best is still better than Andy's best, Roger is more inconsistent nowadays.

50/50. We shall see.
Are you sure? Sometimes the orthodox view isn't what it seems.
If you're talking about peaks and not results this guy thinks differently:

"You can't go wrong with Murray. He's the best there is. He's a better player than Nadal and the other top guys."

"Better than Nadal? Better than Federer? Better than Djokovic?" I replied, incredulous.

"Sure, sure. He's more explosive. He has a better back-hand. He has a better serve."

Interview with Pato Alvarez - former national coach for Spain for 16 years, involved in tennis as player and coach for 50 years.
I love John Isner
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