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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
Are you sure? Sometimes the orthodox view isn't what it seems.
If you're talking about peaks and not results this guy thinks differently:

"You can't go wrong with Murray. He's the best there is. He's a better player than Nadal and the other top guys."

"Better than Nadal? Better than Federer? Better than Djokovic?" I replied, incredulous.

"Sure, sure. He's more explosive. He has a better back-hand. He has a better serve."

Interview with Pato Alvarez - former national coach for Spain for 16 years, involved in tennis as player and coach for 50 years.
We're sure, Fedex.

Why take the word of someone who worked with Murray when Murray was young over results, other expert opinions (my least favorite method in general), aggressive margin calculations, etc..

Murray is a great player, but maybe the forum would stop giving him such a hard time if his fans would stop being outrageous.
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