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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Actually the string when it is tensioned will take the shortest path (outside the frame) between the turntable pivot point and the tensioner (the gripper.) the only exception to that will the the bend through the grommets in the frame.

If the ideal condition is to pull straight out the grommet why don't stringing machine manufacturers make stringers so the tension moves around the racket instead of the racket turning in relation to the pulling force?
That's true, but in the case of O-ports it does not follow the intended line of the cross, but the path of least resistance. There is no grommet to keep it on it's intended path.

I can understand what you are saying as far as the string having 0 lbs tension when it is pulled perpendicular out of the grommet. That's basically 90 degrees or more. How often does that happen in stringing? When stringing O-port rackets, I will usually try to set the brake where the string is barely touching th side of the O-port. I try to reduce the angle as much as possible.
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