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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Do you even watch tennis? We saw her roll her ankle a few days ago. Have you ever rolled an ankle? It hampers your mobility on the court, reduced the amount of push off you can use for your strokes and messes up your balance. Never mind the back issue Serena MTO'd for. The woman was obviously hurt.

Also, why would she have nerves? She was up a set against a teenager.

If anything, it's Sloane who couldn't close it out due to nerves (or was it ability?) when she had the chance and allowed the third set to go on for so long.

Save this post please. The next time Sloane plays Serena, Williams will trounce the little one in straight sets.
You basically changed the subject here. Yes, I have been injured before. Most days I play through, sometimes I can't. Who cares. Yes, Serena is probably still a better overall player than Sloane and will likely win the majority of their encounters.

That doesn't change the fact that Serena is the current #1 drama queen. That was in full effect last night, with Serena acting like she was about to die one moment and then hitting a 118 mph serve the next. So sometimes Serena is her own worst enemy with some of these "physical" issues.
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