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Originally Posted by Korso View Post
Anyone currently using a gut/poly setup in the 18x20? What tensions are working for you? I like full poly alot in this racket but eager to try it out with gut/poly.
Just got the 18x20 and have Pacific in the mains and MSV Co-Focus in the crosses at 58/54. I've always liked gut/poly in my other racquets so trying it out in the Blade. The Co-Focus seems a little muted in this racquet, so might try something a little more crisp as a cross next time; have Solinco Outlast in another non-Blade racquet and really like it in that one. Tension-wise: while this tension has good control, feels like it could use some more power so might try a little lower next stringing.

Interested in others experience as well..
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