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Originally Posted by bluegrasser View Post
I love a heavier SW ( 11.6 +) when just hitting from baseline for a workout, but being older & playing quite a bit of doubs, the maneuverability & fatigue becomes an issue. Then on the flip side, the lighter frames get knocked around on the return and nothing behind it on the groundies, also the serve it's hard to generate pace. This dilemma drives me nuts.
Yep, this is what I find as well. Perfect timing for me as I am demoing the Head Graphene Speed Line right now & finding I am late with the heaviest speed pro & my arms are falling off after 1.5 hours... not sure if I need to change my grip and prepare earlier (probably both) or if I am taking on too much of a weight change from my last racquet. 285 grams to 332 grams is a pretty big jump.

What weight adjustments do you guys recommend at one time & is it better to go with a lighter racquet & lead it up as you go or force yourself to go with a heavier racquet & add/adjust from there (also therefore keeping the specs of the original design/balance at the same time).

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