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The racquet is complete. I did not do a good job documenting the process. Here is an abbreviated summary of the process and work done.

Sup determined he wanted the 2008 Agassi specs of 355g/32cm/340SW and strung with Lux ALU Rough at 66lbs.

The racquet was measured for unstrung specs with a tournagrip which were 296g/32cm/279SW. Knowing that a set of Lux ALU Rough will change the static weight by ~18g, balance by 1cm and swingweight by 30, those numbers were added to the beginning specs. Sup wanted mass in the head of the frame so we did some trial and error of using the TW Racquet Customization tool to see what happens when adding weight at 12 o'clock. We settled on 4g at 12 o'clock. The new specs were used in the Customization tool along with the target specs to determine where to place the rest of the lead. The balance of the lead was placed as follows:

14.6g at 17.7 inches from the butt
22.4g at 5.9 inches from the butt

Inches were changed to cm to get more exact measurements. The grommets and bumper guard were removed and all lead was applied. There ended up being 2 layers of lead 4" long on the head, 4 layers of lead 7.3 inches long on each side of the head at 17.7 inches, 2 layers of 1/2 inch lead in 8 strips on the bevels at 5.9 inches.

Grommets were replaced, grip rewrapped, and the tournagrip was applied. Racquet was strung 2 piece head to throat at 66 lbs. Old school Head stencil (with red dot).

If Sup likes this frame, the future frames will be better documented. I am happy to answer any questions.

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