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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
That's the problem with heavy stock rackets - no room to customize. With over grip you are already at 12.3 oz, assuming spec like TWs average.

I'd try going for lower tension with softer string to improve stability and see if a gram or two at 12 helps anything.

If not then do not despair, PBMID is still a good racket and there is always the absolutely last resort - work on improving your foot work to buy you the time you need for your strokes.
Thanx for your suggestions. Yeah the racket is great but Im already down to about 33 lbs and did exactly that adding at 12 (as much as I could effectively use) , great spin with poly hybrid ... never thought that you can control your shots but it works if you can get used to the launch angle. It really seems that there is something to the wobbling of this racket which is mentioned in the special threads. for me at last it seems to kill my elbow as a few grams at 10 to 12 make my elbow feel much better...

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