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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Just for fun, going with your swingweight estimate of 340, some geeky numbers:

MgR/I = 20.6 (Are you a tall player? Do you use a wristband ?)
Polarization index ([SW - M(R - 10)^2] / [(M/6)(6RL - L^2) - MR^2]) = 1.30

For comparison, some stock racquets (higher is more polarized):


Polarization index formula and most of the above figures for stock racquets from this thread:
thanx for the nice and quick write-up. I just find this MgR/I theory interesting and if it works then everybody has a special value depending on playing style, technique (and of course rubber bands, wristbands, humidity etc )

but this if would really be a great starting point for modding a new racket...

sorry for the hijack PP - back on topic: out of your older posts I know that you have already tried very high swingweights - good luck with your experiment!
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