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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
Tsonga has always had a powerful serve but are his serve and groundies a bit bigger now that he wields a Babolat???
Not very much bigger. The Babolat Arero Pro Drive, if customized to the same specs as Federer's Tour 90, would have nearly identical "power" in the center of the stringbed. If he hit the center with either racquet the resulting shot speeds would be within .5 mph of each other (using the same strings of course.)

Where the stiffer Babolat APD might give a little extra shot speed is on shots hit toward the sides of the frame, where the APD might give Tsonga an extra 1 mph, and toward the tip of the frame, where he might get 1-2 extra mph 2 inches above center, and 3-4 extra if he hits 4 inches above center. Many pros tend to hit the ball above the center of the strings on groundstrokes. So if Tsonga is like that his groundstrokes might be 1-2 mph, max, faster with the APD than the Tour 90. Most pros hit about 2 inches above center when serving, so its likely that Tsonga gets about 2 mph extra with his APD on serve.
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