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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
29% is not THAT bad, since Fed was winning 34% of receiving points overall.
Always compare it to overall receiving points won. OF COURSE Fed will have a worse conv. than Murray and Djokovic, the same way as he's expected to have a higher bp saved %
I agree. People make way too much of break point converted percentage when it's actually one of the more pointless stats there is.

The break stat which is important (after "did I win or not?" ) is whether you broke or not when you had a chance. If you had 15 chances in a return game to break and you finally got there your break percentage is actually 100%. All those other points actually become immediately irrelevant if you are eventually successful.

The breaks per break point percentage is about as misguided a stat as percentage of service games won per game points held. You could win 6-0 6-0 and only have a 10% conversion rate on that.
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