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Originally Posted by ohcaptain View Post
8 months!? %) man... 2 suffer to go longer than 2 weeks
8 months for poly mains? Not sure if your used to hitting with a sledge hammer or what? Most poly goes dead rather quickly, especially if it's in the mains, feels like hitting with a board. Not sure how you don't feel that?

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Many pros use gut mains with poly crosses as other state above.

Gut crosses are better than syn gut or multi crosses but since the mains determine about 75-80% of how a racket plays, it seems like a big waste of money to me.

Gut mains/poly cross is a great stringbed for me, but too expensive. I now use multi mains or syn gut mains with poly crosses.
I actually cut my crosses out when the poly goes dead and just restring the crosses to get another 2-3 weeks out of my gut mains. I don't break strings all that often so I can get away with it. I've also used syn gut mains when things get tight and it's not bad at all.
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