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Originally Posted by Tropikal_Knights View Post

P.s. after fed demolishing him in Wimbledon I was surprised to see Murray rip him apart in the Olympics. For me I see the decline in Fed more evidenced in his in ability to stay in long rallies against the top 2 and also not converting Break points when he has them. Lost the killer instinct .......
When you say top 2 who are you referring to here? I'm pretty sure Fed and Djoker are the top 2!

Have you forgotten about the marathon match Fed played against Delpo in the semis at the Olympics? If you don't think that had any effect on Fed's performance then you're sorely mistaken. Unlike Djoker, who has this superhuman ability to come back after a marathon match and play another and win, Fed is actually human. So, the question is...since Murray had a cakewalk of a draw and a QF he could have played blindfolded, will Fed's long match against Tsonga have the same effect on him as the Delpo match? Alternately, some mught say Murray hasn't been tested and may be in for a rude awakening. I don't know. Maybe that will help even out the playing field a bit (that and the fact that Murray hasn't played on RLA at night yet).
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