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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
No, it was just "tough". Lots of grinding from both players. Painful break-backs. Fed: good topspin backhands - especially down the line, poor serving and erratic forehands, very little net play. Tsonga: trying to hit Fed off the court, solid backhands, net play, clutch serving.
Lots of grinding? Average rally length was only 4 point something.

Federer also made 16 backhand errors and only hit 6 winners (Tsonga uneblievably hit 28 backhand errors and only 4 winners)

Federer made 29 errors and hit 10 winners, Tsonga 33 errors and 17 winners.

How did Federer win the final set?.... He won 17 of 37 return points compared to Tsonga's 5 of 25. Also won 14 of 17 net points - more than any other set - by miles.
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