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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
I have never heard of using a brake in conjunction with boomerang. If brake is used that is all needed. I don't use a boomerang. I string my share of racquets, and the boomerang increases more friction.I used the boomerang just one time, and that was enough. Brake works just fine, no issues and stringing as normal.
If you have a good brake system, that is all that is needed.
It's stated in most recent Prince stringing instructions for O-port rackets. I believe that using the brake in conjunction with the boomerang puts less stress on both the boomerang and brake.

Some brakes are not as strong as others, like on the older Gamma machines like the 5003. It's brake consists of a brass pin against the center shaft of the turntable. When I had my 5003, the TT would slip with the brake fully engaged. The 6004 of the same production years used a hard rubber brake pad, that contacted a gear like center shaft. The later model of both machines have switched to the turnstyle and pin brake.
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