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I almost posted a full A4 sized post here,but ill shorten it up ;

1;Does the silicone really soften the feel if you compare to a stock ?
I would like a RA at perhaps 62,my 93 is 67 and its board like,2 points down to 65 as 98 has stock might not be enough.

2;Does the racquet really feel easier to manouver when you changed the balance,despite adding alot of weight ?
In my case i would just add a overgrip and perhaps ~12 grams of silicone,desired balance would be ~6-9 pts HL. It felt stable enough in stock and had bombs for serves so i dont feel the need for more weight in the head.

That would keep the SW at 330,and the static below 340 grams,my 93 weighs 347 according to my scale so it would be the same or lighter.

What im most worried about is the stiffness,i need to be careful for a while so i heal up,so id really like a objective opinion about the stiffness feel after silicone.

Thanks for your time and effort !
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