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Originally Posted by Bergboy123 View Post
Hey all, I'm looking into smartphones and frankly would love to hear opinions and advice from those of you that are knowledgeable or have experience!

Right now I'm throwing around Iphones vs Androids
If you are already heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem (itunes, mac computers, etc) are into buying all the most recent apps you might just stick with the most recent iphone.

If you like gps maps that work well and a voice activated system that's better than Siri, take a look at the most recent Nexus.

If you don't care about having the most recent Android release and want 4G LTE, I'd also give the top end HTC or Samsung phones a look too.

What ever you do, don't go with a super cheap phone with a Android operating system, while android is solid, some of the overlays from the low-end phone makes are horrible.
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