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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hit with the 98 16x19 and the 104 today.

The 104 is too light, the 98 too heavy (I am talking swingweight).
The 98 has a nice plush comfy feel and impact is very nice feeling... Just felt a little too sluggish to me personally. Nice stick though.

The 104 would be a great tweener and might be great with some lead tape applied in the right places. Is this one extended length? I forgot to look?
Yes its extended.

I too playtested this one the other day,it played alot better than i expected.
Since i have problems with my arm and even slightly in the shoulder this one could be the way to go,due to its 60 flex rating,it played really soft.

Yes its a bit light but if leaded up to about 320-325 static and SW it should be more in the zone and easily accomplished. Its also 75 dollars cheaper than the 98
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