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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
well his System definitely works as his guys get super strong (but with roids...).

however nole Looks like an anorexic child and he is number one in the world, so maybe we don't Need a ton of weight Training.
The point being that what Simmons has done works for what westside wants. That is get strong in a very specific powerlifting federation, one not known for being strict on depth, and yes they are pretty much all on drugs. If any person has come out of westside and been successful in the USAPL or IPF i'd be pretty impressed.

The other point being that some of the stuff Louie says is batshit insane. Like the fact that he completely believes that his methods would apply perfectly to Olympic weightlifters, and that given the opportunity he could produce an international champion with those methods. I also think he's made claims that Olympic weightlifting is a trick, not real strength etc etc.
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