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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Any comments on the side issue I brought up about WTA serves in the OP?
Yeah, I'll bite.

I think your basic point (that WTA player serves suck) kind of sucks.

These women are some of the best athletes in the world. All of the top women (Serena, Azarenka, Sharapova, Stosur, Li, Radwanska) have serves that range from good enough to excellent. They have all figured out how to maximize their strengths on the serve, and I don't see why any more is required.

The fact that a man can serve faster is entirely beside the point. Indeed, you yourself complain that men's tennis is a big serve and a missed or desperate return. This is so boring for me that I don't even enjoy players like Berdych. Why criticize women for not being like men, especially when there are many things that get dull about the men's game?

Anyway . . .

Should rec players adopt the WTA approach? If they cannot serve (except for the Williams, Stosur), what is the issue? (I would also argue that Stosur has 2 second serves, not a real first serve.)
That bit about Stosur reveals your bias. It seems that you consider men the yardstick by which women should be measured. I see no reason to view it that way. Stosur's first serve is the one she hits first; her second is the one she hits second. There may be all kinds of reasons why they may are indistinguishable from the vantage point of your sofa. I'll bet if you asked her she could tell you that she goes for more or perhaps goes for more spectacular placement on the first. What's wrong with that?

Same for Sharapova, now that her shoulder has healed. She hits two fairly flat, aggressive serves. Top male pros tend to hit one fairly flat aggressive serve followed by a second serve that is a kick. There is nothing wrong with Sharapova's approach, as proven by her four slams. It's just different from what the guys do.

Why can't the best coaches in the world make their serve happen? There was this woman yesterday who was falling to the right as she desperately lunged at one far toss after another. So bad even my wife noticed it. But she somehow came across the ball from the right and managed to hit decent serves, like many club players do.
Players who have hitches in their serves will struggle. I also often wonder how anyone makes it to the pro level with a jacked up stroke of any kind, but they do. Tsonga's BH is an example. What the heck?


What about Ivanovic's serve? How unreliable is that?
Oh, I would say about as unreliable as Verdasco's serve in some years. 17 DFs in a match for him?

What is the lesson for rec players here?
The lesson for male rec players is that they will never, ever serve like the male pros, ever. They should consider adding way more spin to their serves for margin rather than trying to rock the radar gun and bragging about it here and ignoring their 25% first serve percentage.
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