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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
cheetah can you provide any link to top jr or college guy with 1hbh..... i actually have been looking for this french kid with a modern 1hbh but i cant find it.
Domic Thiem was a pretty good recent junior, now around ATP in the 300s. I like his style. I hope he breaks through.

Interesting things about his backhand: Continental-ish grip (hammered, of course), a Sampras-like "pendulum" takeback.

Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
what is causing the significant difference in the finish between sampras and dimitrov (using 2 extremes here to make a point).
Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
You do? which leg would that be?
That tells me either your bh is weird or your fh is weak.
Yeah, Sampras kept his head down most of the time (he occassionally would step up on big shots, though). Lendl mostly stayed down.

Most pros now seem to have some leg lift, but to varying degrees. Dimitrov uses a lot of upward thrust. So did Kuerten, Henin and Edberg.

The upward thrust will certainly help with rackethead speed. The downside is that its probably harder to learn, so newbs may be well advised to stay down until they are ready to advance. Also, lifting may be a little more error prone, especially when fatigue sets in.
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