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i used crossfire for over 10 years and as far as spin plus durability goes its as good as it gets. you get a ton of bite, unparalleled tension maintenance and phenomenal durability. only down side is it'll kill your arm, elbow and shoulder overtime. if you have no arm issues than its definitely an excellent string and great value. you may get more aggressive spin from a poly, but you won't get the consistent spin of kevlar.

hurricane is also a good string and for a poly i would say its above average. its a stiffer string and you can take an aggressive string and still have plenty of control. spin is very good, however, the durability just wasn't there for me. i had too much notching and starting getting mushy after one match and for the price its just too expensive for what you get. in other words your paying for the name more than the string. if you want a really good string that plays even better than hurricane i would suggest msv focus hex. i found the feel was similar, but with more spin, much better tension maintenance and excellent durability. but most of all its half the price.
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