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Originally Posted by fedfan46 View Post
You do realize that was right after fed played a match that went 19-17 in the final set right? fed was deservedly gassed, and didn't really have a shot against a fresher murray even though it was on grass.

The only way fed can win the match tomorrow is if he gets out to a quick start. murray hasn't been tested once in this tournament and the only way roger has a chance is if he can frustrate him and get him on the ropes early. That isn't going to happen, and murray will walk away pretty easily in 3-4 sets. Kills me to say it.
roger federer beat Del Potro 3-6 7-6 19-17, or equivalently, 3-6 7-6 7-6 6-7 6-4. A standard five-setter. And federer had the next day off to prepare for the final. At AustralianOpen2009, Nadal played a tougher 5-setter against Verdasco on his worst surface, the surface that is kryptonite for Nadal's knees, had the same amount of rest as federer, yet still has enough fight and passion for the game to beat federer in 5 sets in the final 7-5 3-6 7-6 3-6 6-2. federer doesn't have the same fight that Nadal has, so he folded easily to a hungrier Murray. Just shows that Wimbledon2012 was all about the roof and federer getting lucky. Because when Murray is playing OUTDOOR tennis, BOOM. Murray wins 6-2 6-1 6-4.
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