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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I agree.
An instruction video, Volley Secrets, that supports the view of step forward as you volley.

Why do you think moving forward relatively slowly at maybe 10-15(?) feet per second, slow compared to the ball velocity, adds so much stick to your volley?
body moving 10 ft/sec.... but the arm is also moving forward, so the combined speed is bigger.

body moving forward is more of a necessity to find the ball.... i can hit a volley almost equally hard without body moving forward if the ball is within reach.

you do swing to hit a penetrating volley.... but beginners swing the wrong thing.. they move the racket head, but the elbow is almost static, so there is no mass behind the collision.

Oscar has a video about 'leading with the hand'... it works for his teaching... but i would teach 'moving the elbow at the same speed as the racket head'..... this way you keep the face angle the same, and you have mass in the collision.

with a firm grip, let's say the collision is almost elastic.


m1v1 + m2v2 = m1v1' + m2v2'


1/2 m1 v1 (sq) + 1/2 m2 v2 (sq) = 1/2 m1 v1' (sq) + 1/2 m2 v2' (sq)

in other words, conservation of momentum and kinetic energy.

and you can plug in a few numbers, and realize that to achieve the maximum v2' (ball speed), the key is to increase m1 !

so you make the collision unit bigger, not just the racket head, but the entire arm/racket unit.
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