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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
I can tell you don't like Serena much. Her injury and its affect on her game was a lot more serious than you describe.

Congrats to Sloane Stephens but all of the "drama" in the last match was caused by her.
I watched the whole match. Serena split, slipped and twisted a few times. Of course I felt sorry for her hurting which supposedly "back spasm" as per MD's comment. It only affected her serves in a few games since her serves resumed all form and heat the 3 rd set. Don't think Sloan just got lucky because of Serena's injury. Last matchup Serena won in 3 set without injury.

Just report to the board that the US has some promising youngsters on the women's side. I don't think everyone get a chance to watch the AO matches.

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