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Originally Posted by polytheist View Post
Flattened poly? How hard must you hit to flatten a poly? I've shredded TiMo 1.10 and CoFocus 18 but never had poly in long enough to notice a ribbon-like profile.

Course you could buy a pre-flattened poly with Gosen PolyMaster. But it wouldn't play "flat", would it?
it depends on the poly. some polys leave more 'tire marks' than other. I tried TF Red Code 16 and the crosses were so flat that it did look alot like a ribbon after ~15 hrs of hitting. after 20 hrs of hitting w/ Iontec, the crosses are no longer round, but they're not nearly as ribbon like as TF RC.

when i've used OGSM and NVy for crosses, they end up pretty flat after 6-10 hrs depending on the string pattern of the racquet.
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