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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
Sometimes I feel like that Kavcic in this pic just from browsing these tennis threads. It's exhausting.
Yes it is exhausting but reading funny posts like yours makes it worthwhile.

Not that it means much but I normally played doubles early in the morning on Saturdays with a few buddies of mine. They usually are very good and the rallies are generally very long. However this one day one guy who has a pretty big serve and great power took this day to be super erratic. He was serving either aces, service winners or double faults. If they got the ball back he was hitting winners or errors. I was his partner and literally just stood at the net for about a dozen or much deuces and didn't hit a ball for about twenty minutes. After the match was over (somehow we won) I decided to exercise for 45 minutes because I didn't get any exercise at all playing tennis. This is the opposite of exhaustion in tennis. I set up a singles match for the next day so I could actually hit the ball on occasion.

Incidentally big serving players like Pancho Gonzalez could rest on service return until they felt they had a great opportunity to break because they knew the odds of them holding serve was very high. I think Agassi once complained about Sampras in that Sampras could played really badly and yet still be tied because of his serve. Sampras could play a few good minutes of tennis and win the set. Funny but I guess it's true.

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