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sureshs is probably just venting because he's not happy with his own serve. i suppose he (i'm assuming it's a he) can identify with some of the lesser serving women on tour. It's ok, I'm reworking my serve as well as i've returned to the game after a long absence (15 years or so). to be honest i wouldn't model after WTA as I am a man (wouldn't mind Serena's or Sharapova's), but I am receiving one-on-one coaching so my serve will probably be mine, but with good fundementals.

ivanovic's serve has improved, although her toss is still inconsistent. It's often said that Berdych has a WTA style toss, but his serve is good.

In terms of what you should learn, i think you should learn the basics of a flat serve, kick serve and slice serve. Use whichever you see fit depending on what you like and what you find most effective. having a consistent serve that you can place well is probably better than focusing on the max speed of your fastest serve.

Anyway, why don't we get back to talking strategy? Do you guys think about strategy in your own game? Do you use any?
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