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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Monfils and Tsonga are French, so i wouldn't expect people to feel the same way about them as the Williams sisters. Race politics are different outside of the US than they are in the US. The US has a peculiar political culture related to race due to it's origin as a nation of colonisers/settlers, history of slavery and the various waves of emigration.

The Williams sisters have kept American tennis relevant. Americans should be thankful for them both, but particularly Serena, for that. Sloane Stephens will hopefully do the same in the future.

Why the hate? Do you really want your country to be as irrelevant for women's tennis as it currently is on the mens side?
apparently you havent read the TOS. Insulting another member's country is something you agree not to do when you sign up.

now. i thougth our government schools were bad. obviously, yours are worse. the continent that became the USA started out as a colony of GBR, has never had colonies of it's own. in plain english, usa was never "colonizers."

government schools! ... the word "colonize" has a "Z," not an "S" ... pfffft!

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