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Originally Posted by Topspin_80 View Post
I can only imagine how much that 35 AH batt can weigh .
Lobster also have the external battery solution , but this is something I really want to avoid , the batteries I have weigh around 17 lbs , so 2x = 34 lbs , whereas a lithium battery is only 6 lbs . 28 lbs difference !!!!!
This is the exact one. Site says it's 25 pounds, but I carry it in a small pouch with nice handles. I have a Silent Partner lite and put the plug out the back. I am finally tired of lugging the battery around and was about to open the machine back up and put it in there, but since I saw this post, I think I'll try one more time to roll my own solution. It would be too heavy with the lead acid I guess.
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