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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
Serena said after her 1st round she would play unless she's close to death. It continued to show each match that how great a fighter she is.
I don't think anywhere in my comments indicated that Serena was bad. The level of tennis in last night match was high. I pointed out that Sloan and other young Americans such as Madison Keys are promising.

Are you trying to say I have "no respect" LOL for Serena?
Plus there was no in your face fist pump yelling out common last night so I'm a fan of Serena.
Got to give Sloan some credit when it's due.
I think Serena has been very decent to Sloane, and I noticed that she didn't have any loud come-on's either. Perhaps out of respect for Sloane or maybe because she was in pain. Who knows.

I think Sloane played one of her better matches, but Serena played pretty badly compared to what we usually see. She is normally able to serve her way out of trouble, but she was throwing in 70 MPH serves last night. Had her serve been working, she would have won in 2 sets having been up 2-0 in the 2nd and she didn't seem to be hitting very penetrating return of serves either.

I am just not that impressed with Sloane yet.

I was much more impressed with Madison Keys' game. Madison looks like a potential great to me. Plus she really reminds me of Alexandra Stevenson, who I think had the talent to go a lot further than she did.

Oh well...we will see how Sloane does tonight against Vika. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised but I have a feeling that Sloane is going to get thoroughly whooped tonight.
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