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Originally Posted by underground View Post
#53 Haase
#100 Sousa
#110 Berankis
#16 Simon
#36 Chardy

That's just 1 top 20 player and 1 top 50 player, no top 10 players, average ranking 63. Not to mention that Murray was broken several times in matches.
Haase is a dangerous floater who took Murray to 5 sets at 2011 USO.
Chardy had beaten Murray in their last encounter (2012 Cincinnati) and had just put out the #6 seed, Del Potro.

Current rankings don't always indicate how they will perform at a current tournament, do they?

Originally Posted by underground View Post
Compared that to Federer's:

#46 Paire
#40 Davydenko
#42 Tomic
#15 Raonic
#8 Tsonga

That's ALL top 50 players, 1 top 20, 1 top 10, average ranking 30.2. Yet Federer has NOT lost serve nor dropped a set until against Tsonga today.

OP must be having a laugh
So what? Murray has either never played these guys in Slams (Paire and Tomic) or has either a level H2H against them in Slams (Davydenko) or a winning H2H against them in Slams ( Raonic, Tsonga).
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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