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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
Whats a good cheap gut? I want the babolat ones but theyre too expensive. I was thinking either KLIP Legend (original) 16g but i heard its stiff? planning on putting it as a cross with poly mains. Looking to either get KLIP Legend (original) or Pacific Classic. How do these compare? Basically im looking for comfort, durability and tension maintenance.
I've tried Klip Legend and Pacific Classic, both 16 gauge. Legend is stiffer, which is why I prefer Classic. Legend lasted longer for me. Both will hold tension very well in good weather but will drop dramatically in wet weather. However, playability is still quite good even after the drop. I monitor tension after every match with RacquetTune. From now on my racquets with gut stay indoors when the humidity is too high.

Both are significantly more durable than synthetics and noticeably higher in quality than cheap econogut.
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