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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Just know that poly above 60lbs is really tough on the arms. I've seen a couple guys I know get pretty serious wrist and elbow injuries from stringing poly at 60+lbs over the period of a few months. Not trying to scare you or anything, just giving you a heads up!

Yes.....I dont take your advice lightly. No doubt I dont particularly like poly strung tightly. It seems that on these racquets, the higher tensions arent "acting" as high as they would otherwise (if that makes any sense).

Ill just try it this time as an experiment and see what happens. If the strings decline in ~5 hours like they did before, then Ill know that the higher tension isnt really worth it.

As an aside.......I know a guy (pretty darn good player too), that strings his racquets at 74 with KEVLAR! I couldnt believe it. He said hes done it for arm problems. As far as tennis goes.....I think he must be one of those infamous "1%'ers"....LOL. Or perhaps even a "0.1%'er"!
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