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Originally Posted by Love Game View Post
apparently you havent read the TOS. Insulting another member's country is something you agree not to do when you sign up.

now. i thougth our government schools were bad. obviously, yours are worse. the continent that became the USA started out as a colony of GBR, has never had colonies of it's own. in plain english, usa was never "colonizers."

government schools! ... the word "colonize" has a "Z," not an "S" ... pfffft!
Um, never had colonies? What about the Philippines? And I think the poster you were responding to was referring to our spreading throughout the territory that is today the USA, but was at the time in possession of Native Americans...
"continent that became the USA?" Are you forgetting Canada, Mexico, and all the other countries north of the Panamanian isthmus?

I seriously hope your post was tongue in cheek.
I have come to the conclusion that I simply don't know what I don't know.

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